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Teaching Team

Jean-Christophe Saville

Teaching Team

After trying many dance styles, Jean-Christophe became addicted to WCS
when he took his first amazing class in London in 2009. Ever since, he has travelled across Europe and the USA attending many WCS conventions taught by the worlds most inspirational teachers. Having successfully completed Michael Kiehm’s Global Professional Dance Instructors Association (GPDIA) beginner course in 2013, Jean-Christophe began teaching the FUNdamentals review classes at Twickenham. It now gives him great satisfaction to share this amazing dance with his students.

Coleen Man

Teaching Team

Coleen is currently one of the top ranked WCS dancers in the UK, progressing through the divisions quickly, moving through Advanced to Allstars in just over a year.

Coleen started dancing at the age of 4 years old beginning with Tap and Jazz and progressing onto Ballet. She has continued to dance throughout her life, becoming a qualified RAD Ballet teacher and going on to be principal of her own dance school the Coleen Man Dance Academy. In 2007 she went onto partner dancing, where she began to teach Ceroc, going on to compete and win the Open Division at the London Ceroc Championships, 2010, the highest accolade of its kind.

In 2010 Coleen found WCS and hasn’t looked back since, she has been trained by the renowned Paul Warden, going on to assist alongside him in his classes. Since finding WCS she has been successfully competing and is now a regularly placing competitor in the international WSDC Allstar Division at events in UK and Europe, recently winning World Dance Masters 2013, Detonation Dance 2014 and Desert City Swing 2014. She is really pleased to be teaching for West Coast Swing UK and has recently passed her PDIA Intermediate certification in West Coast Swing, taught by Michael Kiehm himself.

As well as being part of the West Coast Swing UK team Coleen now has a regular weekly class in Kent and teaches all over the UK. She has taught private lessons and group workshops internationally and loves to help dancers improve their connection and ability to lead and follow. With her competitive and judging experience both in the UK and Europe, she’s also a natural source for the dancer wishing to improve their competitive dancing.

Richard James

Teaching Team

Richard James has been learning WCS for 5 years and,as he lives in London, has had the benefit of being taught on a weekly basis by UK WCS Champs Paul Warden and Catriona Wiles.

Over the past 15 years, Richard has tried many different styles of partner dancing; Jive, Salsa, Lindy Hop and Tango, all of which have elements of music and movement which were appealing. However, after completing a 6 week WCS course with Paul & Catriona, he knew that he had found the dance style that most inspired him; encompassing the swing of Lindy Hop and the lead & follow of Tango, combined with a non genre-specific style of music.

Teaching Assistants

Jeanette Butler

Teaching Assistant

Jeanette’s dancing journey began aged 5, starting with Ballet then moving on to Tap and Contemporary Dance. She put dance on the backburner during her early twenties to follow her passion for martial arts where she had great competition success in Kata. Later, she was hooked again after discovering partner dancing and has tried many styles including Modern Jive, Argentine Tango, Salsa and a few of the Latin dances. Almost 5 years ago, Jeanette discovered a local WCS class taught by Catriona Wiles & Paul Warden and became an inaugural member of WCSUK’s Monday class night then taught by Peter Fradley. She has been in love with learning and dancing WCS ever since and has received tuition by many world class teachers in Europe and the USA.

Susan Minor

Teaching Assistant

Susan discovered social partner dancing in 2001 learning Jive, Salsa, Lindyhop, and Argentine Tango. After a break between 2004 and 2007 she returned to dance and discovered WCS through friends and was initially a pupil of Catriona Wiles and Paul Warden. Since then she has gone on to learn from other teachers in UK, Europe and US by attending WCS events and met many great dancers from all over the world.
Although she still dances other styles, WCS has been her passion.
She has achieved degrees of success competitively in WCS over the last 4 years and also within the Jive world including Blues competitions. She has also enjoyed performing in team routines and a Classic Routine in 2013/14.
Susan demoes and occasionally teaches locally but most of all just loves to dance!

Victoria Wood

Teaching Assistant

Victoria’s first taste of dance was in New Zealand in 2005, exploring various styles of partner dance. When she moved to London in 2007 she started WCS to meet new people and has been dancing ever since. Victoria has since attended numerous WCS events in Europe and beyond. She enjoys the challenges of competition as well as the friendliness of the community. Victoria has been lucky enough to attend classes by many talented teachers and is delighted to be assisting Catriona Wiles on Mondays where her WCS journey began.

Other Team Members

John Rose

Workshop Assistant

Windsor Workshop Assistant

Julie Millar

General Assistant

Venue Assistant and Official Cake Maker!

Joe Foster


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